Difference Between Jews and Zionists


The Difference Between Jews and Zionists

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Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. One is a political movement and the other is a religion/culture.

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  • Awesome video,brother!..All 3 religions believe in GOD not SATAN as ZIONISTS do.Just read KABBLAH for what I mean.
  • a lot of right wing christians are zionists
    they might as well wear sheets over their heads they sound like the ku klux klan
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  • I love the real Jews. So peaceful, and God-fearing. If only the world knew not to mistaken Zionist thugs with true Judaism.
  • the only different is jews have heart,brain and love while the zionist only have fear towards peace
  • Probably one of the biggest non-Jewish Zionist groups consist of mainstream- fundamentalist Christians here in the United States. Does anyone know if there are any reform or progressive Jews who are also anti-Zionist?
  • Song-Hava Nagila
  • what is the name of this song?
  • it hasn't been done for 1000s of years dude. why would you expect it wuold work now
  • Give it all to the Swedes. Best looking women and they brought the world Pippi Longstocking!
  • so im not a zionist but israel is a jewish state and in my temple we have a flag like that (jewish star in middle) am i zionist?
  • Very informative. Thank you!
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