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  • The rich man at Mark10:17 wanted Christ to tell him he could keep his wealth & have eternal life too; that he could love money more than he loved God & still have eternal life. But, Christ says no he can’t [Mark10:21]
    Unrepentant sodomites like “bishop” Gene Robinson & unrepentant adulteresses like Amy want Christ to tell them they can keep their sexual immorality & have eternal life too; that they can love illicit sex more than they love God. But, Christ says no they can’t [1Cor6:9, Heb10:26]
  • Unrepentant sodomites & adulteresses are excluded from God’s Kingdom in the same breath [1Cor6:9]. Sodomite “bishop” Gene Robinson claims to be “married” to his male lover, & adulteress Amy claims to be “married” to her male lover. All such sexually immoral people who claim to be “married” to other’s spouses [Mark10:12, Rom7:3, Luke 16:18] make themselves God’s enemies [James4:4] to whom He promises His wrath [Eph5:6, Matt7:23]. They will see wailing in hell is NOT better than a hallelujah.
  • An old man who I loved and who used to be my Fil died last night. I loved him and my heart hurts. My son's Grandpa died Do I have to qualify that?
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