Total World Economy Collapse

Total World Economy Collapse
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Total World Economy Collapse
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  • It's time to get rid of this giant symbol game that makes us all simply little markers on a monopoly game. Life is important, money is not.
  • Hey Jesus freak STFU and stop quoting the bible that has nothing to do with this crisis. Jesus isn't going to save u fucking idiots
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  • @Vexx1978 i will pray for you ,if you would read the bible,you would understand
  • This was uploaded in 2009. And look what is finally starting to happen now over in Europe. While things here in the US could implode tomorrow, it could still be another few years or so. Unless our Gov starts making tough unpopular choices. The only Rep candidate that has mentioned our sovereign debt is Ron Paul. The others seem to be in La-La land. Ron Paul 2012
  • who is the speaker?
  • @B0ombastix well, 'lol', maybe... but he was right about prices of gold and silver.
    and that's the important part, i think.
    we need NWO soon :]
    and ppl need to start dying (us included) in great numbers if this species whishes to survive.
  • @MrRtek84 It's not to late!!!!! You still have time to get out of your fiat currency. But I would not recommend gold. Silver has the potential to have much better gains than Gold, and its dirt fucking cheap!
  • prob is mexico deal in coke not silver
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