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Grand Sanhedrin

[the "Grand Sanhedrin"]. [Rothschild: and his satanic star: on the flag of Israel:] BACKGROUND: This: is a work of: IUSTINUS PRANAITIS BONAVENTURE (1892): commentary by Lorenzo Scarola (2011): ie: "lorenzojhwh" after 4 years of ministry: in youtube: his is: the project of political and theological: unius Rei who is also: King of Israel (Jewish Messiah) and Palestine (Mahdi)! Study: Analysis and criticism of the Talmud secret of Rabbis: Scribes and Pharisees: Enlightened: the synagogue of Satan, or Great Sanhedrin. CONCLUSION: These rabbis are the current owners of the world! They have the right to kill: all animals in human form. ie, all all people (as created by God only, for their welfare. [Myth: of Babylonian for god: Marduk: Baal Ia bu lon: Lucifer ..])! etc. .. And they have the right to kill Jews, heretics and violators of the strict rules of the Torah that they apply in a mode literal and fundamentalist! Here's why: it was established: that Israel must be destroyed: here's why: the Muslims have been ordered: to exterminate the Christians! Since, 400 Christians are martyred every day in the silence of the Jewish monopoly: of the Media! everything we've seen it done against the Jews in the last few centuries! Because: they believe: through wars or through exemplary punishments: (see: the adulterer Kennedy, for be a traitor of the Bank Seigniorage: with his: Order 11110: printed for him for free: gratis: money on behalf of the American people ). Their rigid morality is paroxysmal! Because: only circumcised Jews: they have a hope of redemption: that is, only them can go to heaven, but only if you do not betray the rules of Moses: namely, if they prove to be worthy of Moses, so it is their duty: The way to fill every: anarchy: the destruction of identity: spread: pornography:. sexual perversions: Satanism: immorality: etc. .. because this is one way: to identify: without no doubt: who are the "elected" .. all others, after being exploited: they are still destined to be destroyed in the hell: however: it does not have the "status" of human beings! Therefore, they are preserved in life: like: animals in a barn, not have an inalienable value: for themselves .. infact: it is determined that the entire planet will be "cleansed" in 2012 through the 3 rd World Nuclear War: for, erasing all forms of life, for do a new system: global: it can be built: when the survivors will come out, from of their: shelters underground: that have already been prepared. for this event! And it is this: that the will of God will be met: [[I think, that, for religious reasons: were allowed to LIE: ONLY, MUSLIMS .. BUT: NOT SO: UNFORTUNATELY! In fact: the Talmud orders to lie and deceive, "GOIM Christians": because their goal is the extermination of all Christians! clearly, this lets you see: with a new light: (human sacrifice: conspiracies, wear, etc. .. made by them against Christians .. and all the precautions that governments: they have been forced to take: toward Jews: because: for the strong corporatist element: it was not easy to identify the culprits: among the innocent: and it is this: that: the people of the Jews, along with all other peoples : they had to pay: a terrible price! Here, because: (in the basic lines) Jews and Muslims: are cousins ​​killers, from which Christianity has always had to defend themselves!) I AM NOT outrage: FOR ALL blasphemy and slander: THAT SOME JEWISH RABBIS: WANT TO DO AGAINST: JESUS ​​OF BETHLEHEM: (WHY, THIS IS A PROBLEM, between: their and him). BUT THE FACT THAT, BELIEVE RABBIS: to be HUMAN BEING: ONLY THEM, BUT, WE ALL: are ONLY ANIMALS: in FORM IN HUMAN, CREATED BY GOD: INTENTIONAL: TO BE: EXPLOITED BY JEWS (seigniorage bank: IMF): AS : It's a Mad, REALLY HAVE, ALREADY, USED THEIR POWER TO BANKERS: for DEVASTENTE: Conspiracy... ecc.. IN THESE:500  YEARS: THE THEM? IS A CRIME: of MURDER AGAINST ALL THE HUMAN RACE: AND AGAINST THE HOLINESS OF GOD!. WHY: A COMPROMISE CAN NOT EXIST: ABOUT: THE TALMUD: BECAUSE: IT BECAME: SECRETLY: MOST IMPORTANT of the TORAh: THAT'S the TALMUD: HOW THE KORAN: HAVE BECOME A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH, FOR SURVIVAL: OF ALL THE HUMAN RACE:]]IMPRIMATUR St. Petersburg, 13Aprile1892: Kozlowsky: Archbishop of: Moghileff .. Italian edition: The Secrets of rabbinical teaching. Christ: and: Christians in the Talmud. Published by: Jewish texts: To: the front and an introduction by Mario De' Bagni, Roma, Tunminelli, 1939. many reprints. The devoted disciple of: Your Excellency, IUSTINUS BONAVENTURE PRANAITIS.