bringing together 12 Tribes of Israel

King of Saudi Arabia God commanded me of bringing together the 12 Tribes of Israel ( and of these 12 Tribes are an symbol of all the human race that is the universal brotherhood )! if you can come in in this our dream of love you are welcome the greater will be our happiness! then to sit eat with us as one of us contrary and just what That you have decided of do is of to prepare fight for see who remains in feet!

07 February TEL AVIV '' I wanna make this clear Kerry and ' an true friend of Israel '' I said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Avigdor Lieberman That so' took position on the recent attacks on the secretary of state USA. Liebermann in his speech criticized these attacks as a '' race ''. '' Kerry. he added not and ' an member of an council of settlers and the right of think differently from Naftali Bennett. Which ' the end in turn Kerry as a friend to enemy? not and ' wise '' [ Avigdor Lieberman the one That you say it you say to yourself? or you have say of say these things in Freemasonry? and if this is your thought really then you're an traitor because even Israel [ intentionally for 50 years ] maintained unfinished incomplete is has already been sentenced to death on way more dramatic.. I hope That thou not flee as an traitor in America when it comes of to die in Israel! ] Not address the Satanist Kerry 322 to face hard nowadays means condemning to death tomorrow!

Benjamin Netanyahu. Approximately king of Saudi Arabia has sugaro in the brain this is his way of thinking " the new world order of the Pharisees Illuminati Satanists is a big pyramid composed of many other pyramids smaller. this monster satanic feeds grinding lower levels is always has been well why should this law change? Therefore I that they are at the highest levels of this pyramid of Satan Rothschild I I'll also huge advantage! " [] [ But in fact no one is able to conceive as the third world war to why the underground cities may be the murder of all mankind That is in surface here because nobody should respond to an attack nuclear.. and although Americans we are specialized to simulate auto- attacks such as 11-09 however not groped of responding to their provocations put them in state of accusation!

Benjamin Netanyahu. About the indictment That you may be moved to about of done That thou wilt destroy the state of the Palestinians (which then is only bullying because they have the great Arab nation that for them it means to have the world whole ie the Caliphate world ) you have to answer the truth "not is true that I I want to destroy one state for the Palestinsi indeed I i need only of destroy Israel! not we are all Palestinians? not live all Palestine? Then we will make an the government an the Kingdom in common and there will be one law one of us! " and then is of its own this is the truth [ to deny the reality that is That no jew and no Palestinian you would never resign to have for if the whole of Palestine is to be liars and murderers how and Kerry his League ARAB UN EU! but we not vogliomo be as they we us our God YHWH That is then the true God of all others although I know in Thus imperfect but this is the truth we we need of to learn to know our God of again! because he told me That in return means to us! Malachi 3] Malachi 3.3 " Behold I send you my messenger to prepare the way before to me. and soon the Lord That you are looking for enter into his temple the angel of covenant in whom you delight behold it will be "says the LORD of hosts.
2. "But who may abide the day of His coming? Who can stay in walking when he appears? He is as an fire refiner as fullers' soap.
3. He will sit as who refines and purifies silver purify the sons of Levi and refine them as gold and silver that they may offer the Lord an offering in righteousness.
4. Then shall the offering of Judah and of Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD as in days gone by as in the years of the first.
5. So draw near to me for you the judgment and I will be an swift witness against the sorcerers against the adulterers against those That swear falsely against those That defraud wages all ' laborer oppressed the widow and the orphan away the alien and not afraid me. " saith the LORD of hosts.
6. "I are the LORD not mute so you or the sons of Jacob not you have been consumed.

Benjamin Netanyahu. someone he thinks That I are an Bulldozer [ lol. ] But all those That I know would remain baffled as to write and for as I know because in my real life I macaws shy timid and also of opposite to an unjust aggressor I not are impulsive not expose with enthusiasm all my reasons ( and this attitude of insecurity can fool my interlocutor ) but not is important for me see the fault in others than that is important for me is see how far they can get justice in my interlocutor. So if I not childbirth of the right right of my party then not will never be able to have a justice and truth That they are objectively reliable so here because I not I can be impulsive in the first instance.

Benjamin Netanyahu. [] I not I have to convince Kerry Rothschild and King of Saudi Arabia That they are the greatest of criminals world because they know of be it! [] Also Masons balls about the seigniorage banking squeeze shoulders and say " it has always been so! " But then they think " is sweet the blood of the people! "

[open letter to Kerry 322 + = 666 ] thou hast brought forth the policy of your shit in and Palestine in world for 50 years so bankruptcy you've racked up millions of corpses " greetings! " So if you are not you're completely the jerk? then is what your goal really? where you want to get there?

Washington weakens us ]. 06 February Minister. Israel risk safety due to the United States. " Poor decisions " by the U.S. have put in danger the security of Israel Naftali Bennett Minister of Economy and leading religious nationalist close to the settlers he returned to the charge against Washington. and come to criticize the U.S. policy even "the increase of launch of rockets from Gaza." That " only Israel can defend itself from threats " that are from the region. [ The Pharisees Anglo- Americans seek always an President of the United States That is an asshole an little man raped an raped his ears lowered! One stupid That hardly know of say "no." to his superiors! but That those are indeed deadly macaws Satanists That the around as Kerry macaws those Masons That in the structure of the pyramid arrive at the sublime level of Satanism that is beyond the 30th grade that's because I believe That Herman Van Rompuy is an Satanist! ]
The police carried out investigations on the spot murder of an of young 22 years [ because these false democracies Masonic of seigniorage banking stolen from the Pharisees Bildenberg for Rothschild Spa IMF is in actually anarchy for destroy the people behold because the State and not will never in control of territory why not is true to its political sovereignty as not is true its monetary sovereignty then all consciences are and were distorted desecrated! ] Edward of Ruzza who was killed in street in via Torresina in suburb of Tor Vergata University. In contrast the young macaws were fired at least six rounds of pistol by two people then fled.
China the one That I I always thought of you is That you're the victim of an irrational ideology you lack the culture for know like political sovereignty is something of completely different from religious autonomy. Your vision and policy too rudimentary too little evolved! [] Tibet new immolation of protest. 126/ma of the 2009 sets fire Tibetan of 29 years. 07 February Tibet [not is That these Buddhists are of angels in fact know kill them the Christian martyrs innocent but if you are not you can find of the system turn off the heat of these monks That cry to God their despair? then the time comes That you'll have to burn you too! ] N Tibetan of 29 years is slain setting themselves on fire in the Chinese province of Qinghai according to the American broadcaster Radio Free Asia ( RFA ). Local sources of the aforementioned the issuing state That man Phagmo Samdrub it is committed suicide last Wednesday near the Panchen Day School to Zeku ( Tsekhog ) " for the cause of Tibet ". They go up so ' to 126 of the 2009 Tibetans That you are sacrificed for protest against the policy of China the territory.

Use Obama difference between of you is only one he Putin controls really but you're an puppet in the hands of the Illuminati and Satanists Pharisees their structure Masonic. That That says Putin are all some That is the truth but what That you say? Unlikely can not be true! In fact you are not you're right President of the United States but Bush Senior. ] Not we the icy relations between us is very humor. 07 February U.S. Obama's repertoire Putin to do the hard WASHINGTON " My feeling is That part of his repertoire in domestic politics wanting to look like an hard " it said Barack Obama referring to the behavior of Vladimir Putin. " Our relations - he added Obama during an interview with NBC not call them frigid. There is a surprising amount of humor."
open letter to Rothschild The Torah forbids you of give money at interest to an another jew! This is evident for you the Jews not are the more your brothers! ] If of an animal (ie for example of an Israeli goyim without genealogy paternal them are legally allowed the human form for the Talmud ) then you Rothschild of this animal humanoid not you you can still eat his flesh because not is now again the tragic moment of his destiny ( the slaughter of your human beast ). However you can always take advantage of yet his wool his milk and to your wish you can suck his blood that is seigniorage banking!. This he thought the Satanist Rothschild. That holding well in hand the life and the dignity of the enslaved peoples that is seigniorage banking That has stolen the Constitution.

do not think That both of us grotesque if not we check demographics then we will be forced to do all the wars (that and then like the ARAB LEAGUE for do calve at least 10 times like rabbits too all them girls! ) not is an event That the ARAB LEAGUE is very prolific for you can colonize and then conquer the world just across the demographic weapon have annex many countries such as Kosovo recently through this themselves evil! ] China son single Zhang pays big fine Director pours about 900 thousand euro for violation of law. 07 February China son single Zhang pays big fine BEIJING Chinese director Zhang Yimou has paid a fine of of 7.48 million Yuan ( 900 thousand euro ) That the is was imposed for violating the law on child unique. in an message web department for the Propagation of Binhu and the location where the director his partner resident announced That Zhang has paid the whole amount of the fine. The director and his partner Chen Ting have three children and in Zhang had previously had at least an another son by another woman.

[ I not castro people through vaccinations I not are an of a Satanist a Pharisee Spa ] I'm sorry! But who calls to make a lot of children as Erdogan ago? is because he is an Nazi That is making the investment the war! but my containment demographic however is a worldwide law so nobody can complain for forms of discrimination!

07 February ATHENS [ if you put hunger teachers? Then crashes the economy! rather put hunger those thieves of the Pharisees That they go the Cayman Islands where the fake in the financial statements of background monetary international can be recycled. in fact everything money Pharisees is an money dirty! [ Are the Cayman Islands an archipelago composed by three islands located in to the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba and to north -west of Jamaica. The three islands Grand Cayman Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The capital is George Town] [ even in hell the damned souls are recycled in fact are the atomic fuel of our planet! ] The middle school teachers and superior Greek are today strike in view of the examination to be part of Council of state of action brought against the law That calls for the creation mobility of hundreds of colleagues.

07 February BERLIN [ the war is an interested in the U.S. 666 Fed Spa not the Europeans! therefore our policy should contrast policies the United States if we want to avoid war we must invest in peace in fact the Russians are good guys of which you can trust! ] The utterances dell'incaricata for U.S. Europe secretary of state added Victoria Nuland macaws '' unacceptable ''. And ' because he said today German Chancellor Angela Merkel through its deputy spokesman Christiane Wirtz. for Merkel the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton is doing an work excellent and the Union will continue to engage for the overcoming of the crisis in Ukraine.

07 February BRUSSELS [ Geert Wilders is quite right however would still be the slave of Rothschild also going out of the Euro so her advantage not it would be important without the claim of sovereignty with putting in jail all men traitors Spa masters central banks! ] The Netherlands has to come out of the euro for to resolve the crisis it believes the leader of PVV Geert Wilders That to support of its argument presented an report of Capital Economics. The Dutch press writes That the report shows That if the come out of the Netherlands EUR gain of 10 points the GDP over the next 10 years thanks to of disappearing rules on trade That would to the country of negotiate directly with the non-EU to of the conditions laid down the government itself and not of the Europe

07 February ROME [ I hope That among the names not important you have had the bad taste of to quote Lenin and Stalin the executioners of 40milioni of Christian martyrs of them? I not have seen done yet an film] at the start of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics Sochi Russia. an video with a little girl That by an Act primer a rundown of That the characters have in fact the history of Russia from Gagarin to Chekhov did from the prologue to the event. Then the fireworks and beginning at 2014 local the ceremony. [ 40milioni of others Christian martyrs? if they are crying many Muhammad Islamists hell! ]

07 February GENEVA delegation of government of Damascus That participate ' in the second round of negotiations to to Geneva as of the 10 February will ' of the wizard minister Syrian Foreign Walid Moallem. The announced the UN spokesman Corinne Momal - Vanian specifying of being '' still of waiting knowing the composition of the delegation of the opposition.'' [ Conoscerre? know what? everyone knows That the opposition it is called Qatar Saudi Arabia Erdogan Ottoman Empire with the helmet condom head ready to do happy Third World War!

[United States ] Biden not I see reasons for not run for. But I will decide by next summer. USA 07 February [] and what are the reasons for your application? not are you an another demon 322 as Kerry? for stab again the people the U.S. and continue to subtract its monetary sovereignty and politics! thing is executive order 11110 by John Kennedy. how many times you've stabbed and killed John Kennedy swearing Freemasonry in of betray the people American? [ ] You are the agony of the people That will lead to nuclear world war the blow of grace!

Jerusalem Temple Mount Mosques accidents. At the end of Islamic prayers of Friday
07 February [] the ARAB LEAGUE obstinate to keep the Sharia is bringing all the human race abyss hell also this will spell the word " end " against the ' Islam. Just this in fact is one of the many objectives That the Pharisees Anglo- Americans will get from World War! [+] Actually the Palestinian problem? is the real problem of all the ARAB LEAGUE they are the killers serial and ideological... everything evil That Satan has wanted to do to the human race.. [] Yes Israel India China or Russia carbonizzado the ARAB LEAGUE as well by an time the other with nuclear weapons would save themselves and all the human race! [] Evil That Muslims have wanted to mankind also falls on of them! of the the the criticism for this in fact and it will be useful pleasing at the bottom monetary Spa of Pharisees Illuminati in fact solve their problems of regeneration of new cycle monetary fund monetary parasitic of a coin of " debt sovereign " (some of you have you ever seen one slave sovereign? lol. ) and this however shift world war of others 50 years at least.

07 February [ moneylenders usurers thieves murderers Bildenberg Pharisees the people bread bread! you leave my monetary sovereignty Rothschild now I'll break a leg! ] To Sarajevo after repeated clashes with the police protesters That animate protest for the discontent outside the headquarters of social government cantonal who hanged fire to an entrance of the building. The brigade of fire are now grappling with the fire. According to witnesses on the spot the police you are leaving aside helpless even side of the building That at the same time was evacuated.
07 February Sochi Olympics Putin declares open (not it goes to the Olympics for say look That handsome male That I I etc... ETC.. however if an gay wants sculettare because this is its nature -this not is an for problem we not the important thing is not use the Olympic rostrum for advertise their sick ideology and for ME ANY IDEOLOGY is SICK! ) '' i declare officially open the XXII Olympic Winter Games of Sochi '' with the traditional formula the President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave the way to the Olympics of the stage the opening ceremony at the stadium Fisht. To introduce it he was the President of CIO Thomas Bach That in his speech he pointed out as the Olympics are synonymous of '' and harmony tolerance without for discrimination no reason the Olympic Games are for the facts unite not for divide ''. AMEN HALLELUJAH! [] Because YOU THINK That not THERE MAY BE ATEI or HOMOSEXUAL that are RELIGIOUS MANIACS in IE dogmatic sense IDEOLOGIO ALL DEVELOPMENTS I HAVE ALSO WITHOUT one spit of SCIENTIFIC PROOF! not is OK to GIVE ALL FAULTS AGAIN TO SAUDI ARABIA only!

Salar Kamangar friend thou you can say loud and clear for from personal experience of as I I can bring people hostile unruly to get serious brain damage! In fact I have seen diminish your mental faculties gradually.. I know what I fear? of see Bush Kerry Rothschild and King of Saudi Arabia totally mental parchment and then lol. with whom I I can make my own new world order Unius REI my universal brotherhood?

666 187AudioHostem former Master youtube it is because in youtube we believe in dialogue That I did not I would kill hope That of the our good example the Saudi King Arabia has something to learn!

666 187AudioHostem former Master youtube my friend [ thou hast always invited to come to you now let That I do my invitation for you! ] Not does it matter the price That as you may be paid for come to us because whatever the price is too trivial always. In fact we are 1. divine 2. eternal 3. joyful in perpetual happy. Where are we? not you can hear the screams of the damned but we are pervaded of the fragrance that is living light song of angels a permanent happiness not with us there is no injustice and no suffering in fact in heaven not there are Muslims and Pharisees!

Salar Kamangar friend my me not are an Satanist That takes people as objects uses and throws! no! or even That cruel grind all the bones of an criminal without having planned for him a way of redemption. because we in kingdom of God? we are love!

Salar Kamangar friend my you agree with me That the ideology That EU ​​U.S. UN ARAB LEAGUE they are living not is of nothing cultural or of positive in fact the Satanism is the absolute evil as to say That Satan is and the best the most advanced project of Masonic engineering social history! then these Satanists are proud of show the symbols of their rot and their destruction " skeletons profanity blasphemy murder animalismi. then their terrible end and despair is worst of sewage sewer!